Watch: Fans shake basket while opponent shoots

Montana fans shake the basket stanchion while an opponent shoots a free throw in the Big Sky title game, March 7, 2012.

Most fans would be pretty content with a 15-point lead and just over three minutes left to play. But some Montana Grizzlies fans decided no lead was safe in the Big Sky championship game.

As you can see in the video above, Weber State's Damian Lillard was about to shoot the second of three free throws when the basket started trembling. This was no Missoula earthquake - it was simply overzealous students. Lillard pointed to the fans rocking the basket stanchion and the referee rushed over to scold the culprits.

The stupid move certainly did not deter Lillard. The Big Sky player of the year went on to score 29 points. But his effort wasn't nearly enough as the top-seeded Grizzlies went on to crush Weber State 85-66 to wrap up another NCAA tournament bid. We assume the guilty students will not be allowed near any basket in the Big Dance.

  • Stephen Smith

    Stephen Smith is a senior editor for