Watch: David Beckham, coach clash after game

After falling to David Beckham and the L.A. Galaxy 2-1 Saturday night, Real Salt Lake coach Jason Kreis said: "I think we stretched L.A. to their wits end."

Judging from the video above, Kreis was right.

As the game ended, the coach and Galaxy superstar got into a heated exchange with Beckham putting his finger inches from Kreis' face and pushing an opposing player out of the way.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune's Martin Renzhofer, Beckham was apparently irked that Kreis had scolded the referee for issuing six yellow cards during the match.

"Apparently [Beckham] thinks he's the only one who can yell at referees," said Kreis, who added that he thought Beckham was being disrespectful.

It's unusual seeing any MLS player, let alone Beckham, confront an opposing coach after a win. But the 36-year-old midfielder admitted recently that he is a changed man since the birth of his daughter in July - even getting a few gray hairs.

"I definitely feel different than I did 10 years ago," he recently told the Wall Street Journal Magazine. "It takes a while for the Achilles to warm up. Once I've had my coffee, I'm good."

Maybe Beckham wasn't really upset at Kreis; perhaps he was simply caffeine-deprived.