Watch: Daredevil motorcyclist overshoots landing

Motorcyclist crash on tape
A video still of Mike Gaboff and his motorcycle in midair, just before they both hit the asphalt.

(CBS News) A motorcycle daredevil suffered critical injuries after a launch over a lake went terribly wrong.

In a video posted on YouTube of the April 21 incident, Mike "Crazy Mike" Gaboff, 25, of Millstone, N.J., can be seen driving up a six-story ramp, then flying over the lake. But he overshot the landing. Instead of landing in the water, he clears the body of water and can be seen slamming into asphalt on the far side of the lake. Dust clouds the video's frame as people run to the daredevil's aid.

Gaboff was shooting a stunt for a movie trailer. The incident has been called likely career-ending. He broke his neck, collarbone, lower back, pelvis, ribs, sternum and both of his arms in the crash. His mother, Sharon Gaboff, told The Messenger-Press he also suffered two collapsed lungs and second-degree burns. However, his mother is hopeful. Gaboff, she told the paper, is not paralyzed and is expected to walk again someday.

Watch the stunt in the video above.