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Watch: Conan O'Brien and Dave Franco join Tinder

Ever wonder what would happen if Conan O'Brien and actor Dave Franco joined Tinder?

Well, probably not. But it happened -- and the result is pretty funny.

In a new "Conan" segment, O'Brien, 51, and Franco, 29, make fake profiles for the dating app before hitting the town to meet some lucky lady.

O'Brien, who goes by the name of Chip Whitley, writes in his profile: "I am 42 years old and people tell me I look like Conan O'Brien."

Franco, a.k.a. Jengis Roundstone, posts, "I enjoy wearing Crocs for their style over their comfort and I hear I look like a poor man's Dave Franco."

And they posted real photos of themselves, too.

See what transpires in the clip below:

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