Watch: Car goes airborne over buckled Wis. road

A vehicle is seen flying over a buckled roadway in this video still taken in Eau Claire, Wis.
CBS/Theresa Reich

(CBS News) A buckle in a roadway near Eau Claire, Wis. sent a car flying - and it was all caught on tape.

The buckle in the road was marked, but the car approached quickly and was launched into the air - as if hitting a ramp, CBS News Minneapolis station WCCO reports.

(Watch the car go airborne in the video below.)

Theresa Reich, of Eau Claire, Wis., took the video. She told WCCO, "We stopped to take a picture of it because we had seen a bunch of cars going over slowly and scraping the underside of their cars."

Referring to the airborne car, Reich said, "You don't see that stuff in real life."

No one in the car was seriously hurt.