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Watch: Bowler wins U.S. Open title, goes crazy

(CBS/AP) The Pro Bowlers Association. It's not exactly known for trash-talking competitors and post-game tirades.

Unless your name is Pete Weber. After winning the U.S. Open bowling championship Sunday, the brash bowler got a tad emotional about his victory, ripping off his tinted glasses, pumping his fist and yelling at the spectators: "Who do you think you are - I am?!"

What? It's unclear why Weber is glaring at the fans but they better get out of his way.

Granted, Weber had reason to celebrate. He threw a strike on his final ball to beat Mike Fagan by one point to win his fifth U.S. Open title.

In case the onlookers were unaware of that feat, Weber reminded them, exclaiming: "Dammit, yes! That is right, I did it! I have number five! Are you kidding me?! That's right!"

Weber surpassed his father, the legendary Dick Weber, who won the tournament's predecessor four times, as did Don Carter.

Weber is a major bowling talent (he's third on the all-time PBA Tour titles list) but he is equally known for his hot-headed, flashy style (the PBA suspended him for six months in 1999). Perhaps USA TODAY's Tom Clark characterized Weber best when he wrote this back in 2002: "Some despise his act, others crave it, but the bottom line is he's kicking butt and taking names."

In any event, Weber eventually calmed down on Sunday. After his outburst, the bowler broke character and became Mr. Humility.

"This is my greatest title ever," he said. "To win five U.S. Opens and pass Dick Weber and Don Carter says a lot, but I'll never say I'm better than them. They paved the way for us to be here."