Watch: Basketball marriage proposal gets rejected

UCLA basketball proposal gets rejected

(CBS) - To say that UCLA's basketball season so far has been a disappointment would be an understatement. But that's nothing compared to what the guy in this video must be feeling. In the middle of UCLA's game against Richmond, the stadium's "mistletoe cam" picked out one young couple. Instead of going in for a kiss, the gentleman got down on one knee. What followed was awkward, heartbreaking, and not the kind of thing you want a whole stadium to watch.

The game was on Dec. 23, hence the "mistletoe cam." The Los Angeles Times' Baxter Holmes looked into the jumbo-sized rejection and claims it was real and not a publicity stunt. He also followed up with some players after the game for their thoughts. UCLA point guard Jerime Anderson summed it up in two words: "That's cold."