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Watch: Baseball mascot in ATV crash

(CBS News) Life as a minor league baseball mascot is no walk in the park. Just ask the Reno Aces wolf who literally moonwalked his way off a dugout two years ago.

But the dancing canine in Nevada has nothing on Rip Tide, the beloved blue mascot of the Norfolk Tides (the Triple-A affiliate for the Baltimore Orioles). Watch as the daredevil mascot wipes out on his ATV Sunday as the Tides played the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs.

Rip Tide seemed to be unharmed, and like a true minor-league mascot pro, he got back on the vehicle and tried to start the ATV again - but to no avail.

We can only assume Rip Tide, who has done this ATV routine a million times, may have put on a couple pounds over the weekend and didn't compensate. After all, on Friday the team set a record for making the biggest BLT sandwich on the planet.