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Watch a portrait of Adele made from burning candles

(CBS News) There is simply no denying that Adele is a massively talented artist who has been on fire with a series of records and songs over the past few years. So it seems only fitting that fire should play a role in another artist's tribute to the Grammy award-winning musician. Watch a portrait of Adele made from burning candles in the video above.

The fascinating tribute to Adele was posted by artist Hong Yi (aka Red) who writes about the work:

What inspired me?

I'm doing a 4 part project involving the 4 basic elements: fire, water, wind and earth.

So for FIRE, I chose to do ADELE's portrait...Her song 'Set Fire to the Rain' inspired me to use candles and fire as my painting materials...but why?

To me, ADELE was probably singing about the pain of a lost relationship. Rain may be a metaphor for her tears she cried, and she is setting fire to it to burn and destroy her pain. I've used blue candles to represent tears, and by setting fire to them, they melt and flow into each other - "Watched it pour as I touched your face..." - and they form a portrait of ADELE.

Well, we here at The Feed absolutely love the concept and think it's a perfectly apt and beautiful homage to the music phenomenon that is Adele. To check out more wonderful work by artist Hong Yi (aka Red), you can visit her website by clicking here.
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