Watch a kangaroo and lemur play a game of tag (and a special bonus video)

(CBS News) Just about anytime is a good time to watch some cute, exotic animals playing around. Okay, maybe not during a business meeting or funeral, but you know what I mean. So why not now, right?  Watch a kangaroo and lemur playing a game of tag in the video above and feel the adorable wash over you.

The caught-on-tape moment was posted by YouTube user 4u2roos who writes:

Bug and Lolli play tag at Exotic Experience in Orlando

And to up the ante of this post, which is something we often like to do here at The Feed, we've got a special bonus for you: check out some "useful dog tricks" performed by Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier in the video below.  And if you'd like to check out even more useful dog trick videos (they're all pretty impressive and very cute), you can visit Jesse's YouTube page by clicking here.