Watch a "bird bath" happen in super slow-motion

(CBS News) We are slowly, but surely getting back into the viral video grind here at The Feed after last week. And speaking of slowly, how about we check in on our favorite creators of super slow-motion moments in nature with their latest work that provides a not-so-common look at the common "bird bath" above. I'd definitely recommend watching this in high-definition if possible.

The video comes courtesy of Earth Unplugged, who was recently highlighted for showing us a Golden Eagle soaring in super slow-motion, and who write about their latest work focused on European Starlings in the (very wet) wild:

Slow motion birds in a bath... starlings that is! How do these characters get clean? And Chris from Earth Juice makes an appearance, using his beard as a feeder.
Educational, hypnotizing, beautiful... and a winner for Earth Unplugged's umpteenth triple-rainbow salute of continued excellence from all of us here at The Feed! (Keep those videos coming to us and we'll keep posting them up!) And to check out more of their amazing work, you can click here to see our previous posts or click here to go to their YouTube page.