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Washington Unplugged: Obama Ratchets Up Iran Rhetoric

Following President Obama's White House press conference today, CBS News' Bob Schieffer, Chip Reid and David Martin broke down the president's comments on a special installment of "Washington Unplugged."

At the press conference, Mr. Obama said he was "appalled" and "outraged" at the violence in Iran, although he emphasized that the situation is not about the United States.

Mr. Obama "doesn't want to go so far that they are so strongly condemning the Iranian government that they turn it into a battle between him and them," Reid said. "He wants to keep this an Iranian issue."

Martin pointed out that there is not much the United States can do concerning the election and said the outcome is thus not among the president's top priorities.

"The core interest of the United States is not who wins this election, the core interest is persuading that regime…to somehow forgo [Iran's] nuclear program, which the US believes is developing a weapon," Martin said.

In response to a question from Twitter about the relevance of Mr. Obama's smoking habits (which he addressed during the press conference), Reid acknowledged that there are much more pressing issues in the White House. He added, however, that there is an "enormous curiosity" concerning the president.

"He actually gave the clearest answer he has given yet," Reid said. "[Obama] made clear that he doesn't do it in the White House or around his family."

Also in this installment, CBS News' Nancy Cordes reports on the latest news concerning the D.C. Metro train crash. Watch the full episode below:

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