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Washington Looks Like High School

Bob Woodward is an extraordinarily gifted reporter. No matter the administration Woodward finds a way inside. His latest book "Obama's Wars" takes readers into the White House and Pentagon again. And chronicles the decision-making process that led the president into the current escalation in Afghanistan. Having just read a few snippets, what's not surprising was who disagreed with whom. Some of that information has already been reported. What is still sadly surprising is the amount of bad blood that circulates in Washington -- a sort of pervasive pettiness that runs through rival factions. One of the main players refers to aides in the White House as water bugs -- or the politburo. It sounds more like high school than the highest levels of government. Were it ever thus, though? During World War II there were tremendous rivalries among British and American generals. Few reserved their contempt for one another. So we'll read Woodward's book. And wince -- again.

Just a minute...I'm Harry Smith, CBS News.

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