Wash. kidnap victim calls police from trunk of car

Washington State troopers say they captured a teenage boy who was driving a stolen car on Highway 410 in Yakima Monday with his 15-year-old ex-girlfriend captive in the trunk; the girl called for help on her cell phone

YAKIMA, Wash. – After being kidnapped on her way to school Monday morning by three masked teenage boys armed with a gun, a 15-year-old girl used her cell phone to call police from the trunk of her abductors’ car, law officers said.

Police said that the girl used her cell phone to call for help and identified one of the kidnappers as an ex-boyfriend.

“She wasn’t able to give accurate directions,” Yakima Police Spokesperson Rod Light told CBS affiliate KIMA. “She was able to give some information as to the road surfaces, the sounds.”

Police were able to pinpoint the girl’s location by tracking her cell phone.

Two hours after the girl was abducted, the Washington State Patrol stopped the stolen car heading west toward Chinook Pass on Highway 410 . Law officers said that the driver surrendered without incident and the girl was not harmed.

The Yakima Police Department said the teenage driver was arrested and police later arrested two other suspects who had been dropped off at Highland High School.

The girl informed the officers she could see snow outside through a hole in the trunk, which police said was a key clue.

“I think when they’re up in the mountains now, there’s only two ways to go,” said Light. “I mean generally from here if you’re going to the mountains when there’s snow, it’s going to be White Pass or Chinook Pass.”

Investigators said they do not have an exact motive for the kidnapping.