Warren Jeffs: The Godfather

Susan Spencer Takes A Closer Look At Jailed FLDS Leader Warren Jeffs

More of the secrets of that lifestyle may soon come to light when Jeffs goes on trial, this time in Arizona, on new charges: sexual conduct with a minor.

And Elissa Wall may once again testify against her former prophet.

"I think she needs to be very careful," Brower says. "Ten thousand people hate her because of what she's done to the prophet."

Asked if she's concerned about this, Wall tells Spencer, "You know, I am."

But she's thrown herself into the public eye by writing a book about her ordeal.

As for Jeffs, he's not taken well to prison, has at times been on suicide watch, and, in an astonishing moment, was caught on jail surveillance tape last year admitting to his brother that he is not the prophet of his church and that in fact he is a bad man.

"I'm not the prophet…I never was the prophet," he told his brother. "I have been a liar and the truth is not in me."

His attorneys dismissed the tape, saying Jeffs was just depressed.

But Utah's attorney general hopes his unquestioning followers were listening very carefully. "I think that was the one truthful moment in that man's life. He realized that he hurt a lot of people."