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Warren Beatty boasts about marriage to Annette Bening

Warren Beatty appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” for the first time ever Tuesday, where he talked about his longtime marriage as well as his long history with the daytime host. 

Noting that he first met DeGeneres back when she worked with the late comedian Garry Shandling, Beatty gave a few awkward responses, winking at the audience.

“I had fun with him, but you wanted me,” DeGeneres teased the former playboy.

But the actor has tamed his bachelor ways and has been married to actress Annette Bening for 25 years now.

“It feels recent,” he said. “It is the best thing that has ever occurred with me.”

The pair wed in 1992 and have been together ever since.

“I was not afraid of marriage. I was afraid of divorce,” Beatty told DeGeneres. “I was right.”

He went on to recall meeting his future wife on the set of the 1991 film “Bugsy,” saying, “We made a movie together in which we were very professional. And at the end of the movie, we decided to [get together] -- it was a rather immediate decision.”

When DeGeneres asked Beatty to name another celebrity that Bening has a crush on, he firmly replied, “I would block it out. I wouldn’t be able to deal with it!”

He also claimed he’d never been a member of the mile-high club.

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