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Warning Issued on Popular "Smurfs" Game

In this photo taken Dec. 7, 2010, Sawyer Rummelhart, 4, points to the "The Smurf's Village" app on his mother's iPad, at his family's home in Gridley, Calif. AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli

(CBS/AP) Listen up, parents! "Smurfberries" cost real money -- but you might already know that.

The publisher of the popular "The Smurfs' Village" game for the iPhone and iPad recently added a warning that virtual items, such as Smurfberries, aren't free.

An Associated Press story earlier this month revealed that parents have been surprised by charges racked up by their kids in games such as "Smurfs' Village." The games are free to download but allow in-game purchases of virtual items like Smurfberries. Just two taps can buy $100 worth of Smurfberries.

Special Section: Eye on Parenting

Capcom Entertainment Inc. updated the game Sunday. When the game starts up for the first time, a pop-up now warns about the option to purchase Smurfberries and that charges come out of owners' iTunes account.

Have you ever been surprised by these kinds of charges? Should companies charge for virtual items like "Smurfberries"? Is the sale of virtual items deliberately deceptive? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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