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Wanted Woman Arrested After Asking Ohio Cop: Am I Wanted?

Wanted Woman Arrested After Asking Cop: Am I Wanted?
Selma Elmore (Hamilton County Jail)

LOCKLAND, Ohio (CBS/AP) It was curiosity that ultimately landed 44-year-old Selma Elmore in jail -- curiosity and, oh yeah, a warrant for her arrest.

Police in suburban Cincinnati arrested Elmore after she flagged down an officer and asked... if there were any warrants out for her arrest.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported Friday that after Lockland police officer Dan Lyons informed Elmore she did have an outstanding warrant, she tried to run.

The chase reportedly ended when Elmore pushed Lyons into a building, injuring his elbow.

Other officers responding to a call for backup later apprehended the woman.

Elmore, who wanted to know if police were looking for, might be interested to learn that she was being sought for allegedly failing to pay a fine stemming from a drug conviction - and now she also faces a charge of resisting arrest.

A new twist on "don't ask, don't tell."