Wanted: Kane and Lynch

Packaging for Eidos's "Kane and Lynch: Dead Men" video game
Alberto Araya/CBS
When I got to the office the other day, it was not shocking to see a UPS package on my desk.

What did shock me were the items that I removed from the package. Two over-sized ziplock bags and an envelope that said "Urgent, Please Read." Before I even opened the envelope, I noticed that items in the over-sized ziplocks all had the police department seal from San Fernandez County.

All different scenarios were running through my mind. Who was sending me information from the police offices in San Fernandez?

I had no choice but to open the envelope, which had a letter from a Peter Stack. He explained he's a journalist from San Fernandez who has been Tracking "The 7." He explained "The 7" is a criminal group. The letter further explained that he has been fired from his job as a journalist, that friends don't believe him, and that he has no where to turn to with the information about "The 7."

2As I continued reading the letter, Peter explained that the items enclosed are FBI case files that contain behavioral profiles, fingerprints scans, autopsy reports, witness statements, and photo and DNA evidence that can be used against "The 7."

At first, reading this made no sense till I read that the files were about two men who were convicted murderers. Their names are Kane and Lynch.

My hats off to Eidos for the way they packaged the information. I suppose they really wanted us to get into the spirit of things by sending us such a well thought out package for a game that will be released November 13, 2007. I even took some pictures so you can see what they sent us. Also, look out for our full review of "Kane and Lynch: Dead Men" once it's made available for retail.

3The game is Rated "M" for Mature. Titles rated M (Mature) have content that may be suitable for persons ages 17 and older. Titles in this category may contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language. Parental guidance is *strongly* advised.
By Alberto Araya