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Wanna Bet

How much money would it take to convince you to cover Larry Craig in toilet paper?

Well, bragster, the website "to bet on anything and dare your friends," is offering $1,000 to the industrious go-getter who can post video proof of his or her attempt to cover the Idaho senator in toilet paper.

This is the same site that offered $1,000 to anyone willing to pelt Ann Coulter with bagels (and capture it on video). And the current wager is further proof - as if we needed any - that the episode stemming from Craig's arrest in an airport bathroom this past summer has advanced well beyond the ridiculous (but hey, it's good for ratings, right?).

The toilet paper bet is fairly simple (provided you have no problems with trying to cover a grown man - not to mention an elected official - in toilet paper):

"In light of Larry Craig's dance in and out of senate, combined with his dance in and out of a bathroom stall to allegedly solicit a male prostitute; we'd like to offer $1,000 to any one with video proof of themselves "rolling" rolls of toilet paper at the Senator.

"Remember people, no violence just a little fun at his expense."