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Wallpaper -- Not Just For Walls Anymore!

Wallpaper is one of the best decorating tools to give your home a new look. And you don't have to use it just to cover walls! There are many other ways it can help.

In The Early Show's "Early in the Home" series, Chassie Post, style editor of Domino magazine, showed some simple and affordable ways to use wallpaper, all easy to reproduce in your home.

The uses she demonstrated -- and the materials she used:


Wallpaper can be put in and on some really unconventional places, such as a closet. Post took an armoire to simulate a regular closet at home and wallpapered the outside AND the inside. You can chose to do one or the other. Since Earth Day just passed, Post made sure to use eco-friendly paper made of a grass-cloth called Juicy Jute. And it's a nice surprise every time you open the doors, to show the beautiful décor inside.

Door: Wallpaper Juicy Jute by Phillip Jeffries - $24 per yard

Inside: Wallpaper Birds & Butterflies, F. Schumacher & Co., $100 per roll


You can also find a bold pattern that you really love and do something as simple as one panel. Just take a simple panel of wood, apply wallpaper to it, and lean it up against any wall. It can be a simple piece of plywood that you get from any home improvement store; you can even add trim to create a simple frame.

Pineapple by Studio Printworks, $142 for a five-yard roll


Cut pieces of wallpaper and simply put them in identical small frames and hang the frames on the wall in three rows. You don't even have to use glue, so there's no installation required. And you don't need an entire roll -- you could even ask friends for leftover wallpaper and recycle it.

Sixty-Eight, Nama Rococo $126 per sheet


There are lot of cool patterns available ranging from metallic, to bamboo, to classic. But depending on what you want to do, all you'll need is some leftovers.


Decals are a really easy way to experiment and add visual interest to any wall. Post used a vintage wallpaper decal (which is also eco-friendly!)-- a four-foot giraffe -- and it would be great for a child's room or playroom. But you can also cut small shapes, such as birds. Any paper, really, can add a whole new look to your wall.

Inke Heiland "Menagerie", Rompstore $26-$95

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