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Wall-E is back with better dance moves (and a robot band covers the B-52's "Rock Lobster")

(CBS) - Wall-E from the Disney and Pixar smash hit movie "Wall-E" captured the hearts of many with his emotionally charged space journey and courtship of robot love "Eve." So, if you missed Wall-E in theaters (or just want another helping), you are in luck as YouTube user "aliencurv" (DJ Sures) shows off his real-life version of Wall-E built by his own two hands.

This Wall-E can dance, track colors, motion, and recognize faces, along with obeying voice commands such as "Look up Wall-E." DJ built and controls his Wall-E with the EZ-Builder Robot package, and even perfected Wall-E's voice to match that of the original movie star.

Next he just needs to teach his Wall-E how to use a fire extinguisher as a jet pack and he will be all set!

Additionally, be sure to check out this awesome cover of "Rock Lobster" from the B-52's by the cleverly and appropriately named robot band, the Bit-52's below! I've definitely got to give the Oscilloscope a call see if it is looking for a new manager!