Walk On The Wild Side

There's something big afoot in the shoe business: a fashion revolution that's bringing wild new styles. Suddenly, shoes are coming in hot pink and polka dots... and they're showing a lot more skin.

CBS News Correspondent Alexis Christoforous reports that women bought about 362 million pairs of shoes last year. Roughly 85 percent of them were black and brown. Those basics are still in demand, but there's new interest in eye-opening patterns and colors.

Handbag Queen Kate Spade is now making shoes that demand attention.

"I adore color. You want to avoid looking to silly, but I do think that beautiful shoes, in color, beautiful pinks and greens -- it's elegant. It's wonderful. I love it,"said Spade.

And, after years of flat sales, the shoe business is booming.

From February to May, department store shoe sales rose nearly 15 percent. Sandals -- or open shoes -- jumped more than 40 percent, and animal prints leapt a whopping 474 percent.

"This is where they can add excitement to their wardrobe with an infusion of color," said Ann Watson of Saks Fifth Avenue.

And the new shoes for fall are far from subtle. Pumps are back, toes are out, and boots are stepping into uncharted territory.

"Designers have offered an explosion of options, and great novelties, from the exotic skins, to embellishments to colors to a range of silhouettes that we're seeing," said Watson.

It's risky business, but shoe designers are hoping the dazzling new styles will lead to sizzling sales.