Waiting hours for free Thanksgiving turkeys

Minnie Alford
Minnie Alford, right, receives free groceries for Thanksgiving
CBS News

LOS ANGELES - Minnie Alford began standing in line at 8 a.m. in Los Angeles, one of many waiting for a free turkey.

"Last Thanksgiving, I did it all myself. Like I said, I could have bought me, you, your crew what you wanted, you know, but this year...wow... you see where I am," Alford said.

CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy reports that she was with thousands of other people waiting for a free turkey and Thanksgiving dinner courtesy of a local limousine company, The Jackson Limousine Service.

Alford is a child-care provider for the state of California. Budget cuts have cut her income by 60 percent.

"Is it humbling a little bit? Well, yeah, a little. It is. I appreciate them. I just wish I could have done it on my own," Alford said.

The limo company handed out 10,000 turkeys and boxes full of vegetables and water. Organizers tell CBS News the first person in line got there on Saturday. Some people stood for six hours with at least an hour left to go.

Alford finally reached the end of the line six hours after she first got in it.

With the help, she'll be able to feed her two children Thursday. But next year she says she'll be even more thankful if she can once again do it on her own.