Waco Feeds Conspiracies

For years now the disaster near Waco has been exhibit number one for many who have deep distrust of the American government. From conspiracy sites on the Internet to documentary films, Waco has provided a focus for those who see the government as the enemy.

And now, they say, there is proof the government has been lying, reports CBS News Correspondent John Blackstone.

"This is just fodder for the conspiracy theorists," said psychologist Margaret Singer. She says this is just what the militia movement needs to say we told you so.

"It does feed the conspiracy theory people to have Miss Reno now coming out and saying 'oops,'" Singer said.

It was attorney David Hardy whose research helped force Reno to say "oops."

"There is a lot being hidden. It's just not a lot of people doing it," said Hardy.

Hardy's research also helped fuel a sharply anti-government documentary, Waco: A New Revelation.

Hardy himself, though, does not see a massive government conspiracy -- just some lower level officials trying to protect themselves.

"In my experience, conspiracies only exist so long as you keep them reasonably small. If you put too many people in you may as well send out a press release," Hardy said.

But many are certain to see this as government out of control.

"The anti-government movement, the militia, hate groups are absolutely going to get a boost out of this and I think it's really a tragedy for that reason," said Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center.

At one time conspiracy theorists may have been viewed as eccentrics far out on the fringe, but then Timothy McVeigh drove a truck full of explosives to Oklahoma City and we all discovered just how dangerous it can be when people stop trusting the government.