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VP Candidates Name Their Favorite Films

Sen. Joe Biden and Gov. Sarah Palin have put in some very long days preparing for their Thursday night debate. To give voters a better sense of who these candidates are, and where they stand on a number of issues, CBS News anchor Katie Couric asked Biden and Palin some "Vice Presidential Questions. In this installment, they discuss their favorite film.

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Katie Couric: What's your favorite move and why?

Joe Biden: "Chariots of Fire" is, I think, probably my favorite movie. But the truth of the matter is the thing about it, there is a place where someone put personal fame and glory behind principles. That to me, is the mark of real heroism, when someone would do that.

Couric: Do you remember your favorite scene from that movie?

Biden: I think the favorite scene is when he is making the decision and talking to his ... about do I do this? What do I do? He so desperately wanted to run, but concluded he couldn't.

It was that, you know, that moment of decision, I think that was my favorite scene. I also like the scene on the beach where, you know, he's just running.

Sarah Palin: I love those old sports movies, like Hoosiers, and Rudy, um, those that show that the underdog can make it and it's all about tenacity and work ethic and determination, and just doing the right thing. So it would probably be one of those two old sports movies.

Couric: Do you have a favorite scene from either of them?

Palin: At the very end, the victories! Yeah! Rudy, where he gets to run out on the field and he gets to participate and make a difference. And then in Hoosiers, when they win.

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