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Voting Problems In Pennsylvania?

One question on political watchers' minds today: Has today's likely record voter turnout in Pennsylvania been coupled with voting irregularities?

The answer, at this point, seems to be yes – but the problems that have arisen have been relatively insignificant, according to the Pennsylvania State Department. A spokesman told NBC/NJ that "It's just been minor, normal kinds of stuff. Nothing major, nothing widespread."

But reports of problems have been coming in. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that more than 100 complaints have been lodged so far today, often concerning malfunctioning machines. The newspaper reported one claim that malfunctioning machines meant a two-hour wait for voters at one polling place.

At another polling place, the wrong voting machine was delivered – potentially disenfranchising voters. Liberal Web site Daily Kos says that "new voters were sent cards in the mail with the wrong polling place."

Overall, however, things have gone relatively smoothly, according to Zack Stalberg, president and CEO of the election watchdog group the Committee of Seventy.

"There have been scattered reports of problems but it sounds like they're being dealt with pretty quickly," Stalberg told the Inquirer. "Frankly we've seen a lot more problems with machine malfunctions than we're seeing today."

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