Voters react to Clinton and Trump's first presidential debate

Voter reactions to debates
Voter reactions to debates 04:44

Roughly 84 million people watched the first presidential debate Monday night, and many left their homes to attend viewing partiesacross the country.

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CBS News spoke to voters at three such events in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Dallas.

Ana Reyes said she attended the Los Angeles event looking for more reasons why Hillary Clinton deserved her support.

“I think that Donald Trump again, you know, attacked immigrants, even though he didn’t really say it … too bluntly as he usually does,” Reyes said. “He still made a comment that the reason why a lot of, you know, crimes are still happening is because immigrants have guns.”

John Sudniza, who was at the Philadelphia watch party, had a clear favorite going into the evening.

“I am a deplorable, very deplorable. I’m a big Trump supporter,” he said.

After the debate, he had a different outlook.

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“Trump did not look crazy or like a madman. I think Hillary got some good licks on him,” he said. “That’s why I would maybe call it a draw.”

Chaib Salih, who was at the World Affairs Council debate watch party in Dallas, still had not made up his mind after the debate finished.

“It was good to see them both side to side” Salih said. Mr. Trump spent more time on trying to defend himself, but Hillary Clinton was very clear on certain policies that I was interested in.”

Watch the video above for more reaction from the voters.