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Virginia's Voting Problems

(AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
While long lines are being reported all across the country, voters in one key state are experiencing frustration with poorly managed polling places.

Across the state, Virginia is reporting widespread polling place problems. Ten voting locations including Richmond, Portsmouth, Lynchburg, Chesapeake, Vienna and Virginia Beach have been having a variety issues, according to Election Protection, a nonpartisan voter protection coalition.

Problems there ranged from long lines and malfunctioning voting machines to polls not opening on time. Some voters have reported that they were not offered paper ballots.

Richmond voter, Phyllis Evans wrote the CBS News I-Unit an email about her voting experience: "We were dismayed to find that of the 9 voting machines only one was working. We were offered a paper ballot and confusion reigned. There were at least 300 voters in line and we saw some leaving. I did vote on the paper ballot and on the local radio it was reported actually that the machines had needed to be rebooted and no real problem."

Voter Action, a citizen-led oversight group said they received more than 2700 calls to their hotline – the majority are reporting problems in Virginia.

As CBS News reported yesterday, voters in the Hampton Roads region of Virgina received automated calls saying their polling location had changed...when it hadn't. Democratic Party in Virginia. State election officials said the calls were made by some "well meaning individuals" in the Democratic Party.

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