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Virginia police pull driver out of burning car after chase, bodycam footage shows

Dramatic bodycam footage released Monday captured Virginia police officers working together to pull a driver from a car engulfed in flames.

The Virginia Beach Police Department released the footage from in-car cameras and two officers' body-worn cameras from an undated car accident. 

"We believe sharing these moments with the public is crucial to fostering a deeper understanding of the sacrifices and dedication our law enforcement officers bring to their duty," the department said. 

The bodycam footage starts with a car passing an officer at 88 mph in a 35 mph zone, according to police. 

The officer is seen activating his emergency lights, after which the speeding driver turns off his lights to try and elude the officer, police said. 

Virginia Beach Police Officers Save Driver From Fiery Vehicle Crash by Virginia Beach Police Department on YouTube

In compliance with the department's pursuit policy, the officer stopped pursuing the speeding vehicle, switching off his emergency lights and slowing down his car, according to police. 

Footage shows the officer encountering the car after it crashed into a tree and the engine caught fire. 

The doors to the car were locked and there was no easily accessible entry point, so the officer and a bystander tried to break into the driver's side window, police said. 

The officer also used a fire extinguisher to douse the flames, the bodycam footage shows. 

Eventually, a second officer arrived, and after about four minutes they were able to break through the glass and unlock the door, police said.

Police then pulled the driver — who was the only passenger in the car — out of the vehicle to safety. 

Firefighters arrived moments later to extinguish the flames and provide medical assistance to the injured driver, according to police. 

The driver was taken to a local hospital to be treated. Police did not confirm the extent of his injuries.

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