Virgin Mary, Jesus Sightings Galore

It's been said that God works in mysterious ways and it looks like he's back in action with some immaculate ice.

Jennifer Bloomer of Dearborn Heights, Mich., spotted the mother of Jesus Christ on the side of the building where she works.

"I came outside and there was just this little ice statue. It was bizarre," Bloomer said.

But, that's not the first time the holy mother has made an unexpected cameo.

An Arizona woman believes she had a sighting one blessed breakfast.

Not to be outdone by his mother, Jesus has been known to pop up just about anywhere -- on a Las Vegas toilet seat, an iron and, holy cow(!), it's the sign of the cross on a calf's head.

But, a personal favorite has to be "Cheesus" - a Cheeto that looks like Jesus hanging on the cross.

If God is planning on coming back as Cheetos or pancakes, bring on the apocalypse! It's gonna be delicious!

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