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Virgin Mary Crying Blood?

Outside Sacramento, at the small Vietnamese Catholic Martyrs church, a statue of the Virgin Mary appears to be crying, reports The Early Show national correspondent Hattie Kauffman.

"Just the fact that it's coming from the eyes, and it's a red color like blood, I would say that there's a miracle either way," said Dave Leatherby, who visited the statue. "Even if there's a natural explanation, it's a sign."

It is a sign that could mean something different to everyone who has traveled here to see it.

"With Christmas coming up, they say Jesus is the reason as opposed to the commercialization," Lana Cosentino said. "So maybe this is happening for a reason. I just think she's crying for all the sins of the world and everything."

Parishioners first noticed the tears almost two weeks ago. A priest was cleaning the statue and wiped away the stains only to see them reappear.

"We came here Thanksgiving night," Vivian Valles said. "The blood was on her chest. We came back the next day and it had run all the way down her dress."

Marlene Larkin traveled from Las Vegas, believing the Virgin Mary will help her battle breast cancer.

"I pray to Mary a lot," she said. "I felt like I need to be here to see this."

But father James Murphy of the Sacramento diocese shies away from calling this a miracle.

"These kinds of phenomena are fairly common," he said. "But the number that turn out to be miraculous are very, very rare."

However, it does bring more people to the church.

"I think we need to respect people's experience through the eyes of faith," he said. "And God does use these things to bring us closer to him."

Leatherby says: "I think many people have forgotten about God, and I think she's weeping about God's children who are lost and are searching, and looking for answers."

Church officials say they will investigate if the phenomenon continues. But for believers, or those seeking guidance, healing or inspiration, there is no need for proof.

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