Viral Video Furor: Smiling Teens On Apparent Minneapolis Mugging Spree

Photo: Screen grab of teens taping themselves during assaults and muggings.

MINNEAPOLIS (CBS/WCCO) Police are looking into a viral video that appears to show a group of teenage boys engaged in a mugging spree in Minneapolis and St. Paul, while showing anything but remorse.

The YouTube video shows the boys smiling as they attack a man on a bike, a jogger and some young kids.

The "stars" of the video, which was posted on YouTube but was subsequently removed Tuesday afternoon, make no attempt to hide their identities.

They are shown smiling at the camera before ambushing their victims. One of them dons a mask depicting Heath Ledger's Joker from the film "The Dark Knight."


The video has gone viral, with links passed around on message boards and social networking sites.

Police are taking it seriously, too.

St. Paul police have arrested two teenagers in the case and are seeking more suspects, said Sgt. Paul Schnell. Minneapolis police said they have arrested three juveniles they believe could be involved.

Schnell said it's believed the video was shot sometime last weekend.

"I'm hoping these things were staged... they are very concerning," said Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan, adding that police are asking any victims to come forward if they were attacked by the boys in the video.

Investigators are also looking into whether any crime reports match up with locations depicted in the video.

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