Violinist Joshua Bell, the "athletic" musician

Who would have thought playing a violin could be so strenuous?

Grammy award-winning violinist Joshua Bell certainly works up a sweat when he's playing exciting classical pieces.

The artist, whose recently-released "French Impressions" album immediately went to No. 1 on the Billboard classical traditional chart, said on "CBS This Morning" that the act of playing those pieces requires a substantial amount of emotional and physical energy.

He said, "It is sort of athletic. That's why I abandoned the white tie and tails which used to be customary that everybody wore, which is unfortunate because ... I think, it conjures up of classical music as being very formal. It doesn't have to be like that. The music itself is absolutely not."

For more from Bell on how he began playing, his advice to parents about kids playing instruments, and what his next challenge is as an artist, watch the video in the player above.