Viola Davis: One time Jared Leto sent his "Suicide Squad" cast-mates a dead pig

Jared Leto attends the Balenciaga show as part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2015/2016 on March 6, 2015, in Paris.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Stories of Jared Leto terrorizing his "Suicide Squad" cast-mates while getting into character as the Joker started cropping up a few months ago, and Viola Davis, who co-stars in the super-villain movie with Leto, is more than happy to confirm them.

"He did some bad things, Jared Leto did," she said in a video interview with Vanity Fair. "He gave some really horrific gifts. He had a henchman who would come into the rehearsal room. And the henchman came in with a dead pig and plopped it on the table, and then he walked out. And that was our introduction into Jared Leto."

The main lesson she learned, she insists, was that you have to admire his level of dedication to the role.

"Now, I'm terrified just as a person. But the second part was, 'Oh s**t, I've got to have my stuff together.' You talk about commitment," she said. "And then he sends Margot Robbie a black rat -- it was still alive -- in a box. She screamed, and then she kept it."

Then again, maybe you don't have to admire it.