Viewers share painful stories after "Aid in Dying" report

"Memories of my mother in her last moments in hospice haunt me," one 60 Minutes viewer tweeted. "Was very traumatic. Wish she had other choices"


On Sunday's 60 Minutes, viewers heard Elizabeth Wallner, who has battled advanced colon cancer for four-and-a-half years, explain it's important she be able to choose to end her life. She said she feels so strongly about it because she wants to protect her 20-year-old son, Nathaniel.

"There isn't a day where I won't wish that there would be more time," Nathaniel told correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook. "But there will very easily be a day where I wish there was less suffering."

After the story aired, we heard from viewers who described the pain of watching their loved ones live out the final days of a debilitating illness:

Some viewers seemed uncomfortable with Wallner's decision to end her life, for the sake of her son:

Others were moved by the interviews Dr. LaPook conducted for the story - his first on 60 Minutes:

60 Minutes Executive Producer Jeff Fager said something similar to 60 Minutes Overtime.

"He's born with a compassion," Fager said of Dr. LaPook. "This story he's doing is a story that requires a lot of it. It's an end-of-life story, frightening to a lot of people -- and important."