Viewers blast Apple for parking money overseas

"You have a responsibility to reinvest in the country that provided the environment to make Apple so great," one viewer tweeted

Last Sunday, 60 Minutes aired a story on Apple, the world's biggest and richest company that attracts consumers both young and old:

Some were moved by Apple CEO Tim Cook's interview:

Others were bothered by the interview, particularly when it came to portions dealing with Apple exporting jobs to China and parking billions of dollars in profits in overseas accounts:

Then again, one viewer pointed out, Apple's behavior isn't that unusual:

Every company does this. I'm not defending Apple just facts.

Posted by Navindra Kewal on Monday, December 21, 2015

Some viewers were disturbed to learn one of Apple's largest contracted factories in China installed safety nets outside its employee dormitories, after a series of suicides:

Freaked out watching 60 Minutes last night. Workers for Apple manufacturering in China have nets outside their dorm...

Posted by Jill Monroe on Monday, December 21, 2015

And then were topics the story didn't address, but viewers noticed: