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Videos: Sept. 13, 2001

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Mark Strassman reports on the status of the nation's airports.
CBS News Correspondent Barry Petersen reports on Japanese citizens lost in the attack and the country's support for the US.
CBS News Correspondent Bob Orr reports on what might have taken place in the air during the fateful flights.
Bryant Gumbel talks to Hussein Ibish from the Arab American Anti-Discrimmination Comittee.
Bryant Gumbel talks to Filipov, the Boston Globe Bureau Chief who has lost his father.
Bryant Gumbel discusses the national tragedy with Attorney General John Ashcroft.
CBS News Correspondent Harold Dow talks with victim families.
Jane Clayson interviews Richard Shelby from the Senate Intelligence Committee.
Tracy Smith talks with families looking for missing relatives who were in the World Trade Center bombing.
Susan McGinnis reports on the uncertainty of the state of the economy.
Jon Frankel reports on the recovery of casualties.
Harold Dow hears from the families of missing persons.
CBS News’ Jane Clayson interviews New York City Mayor Giuliani on the ongoing recovery mission.
Jane Clayson speaks to First Lady Laura Bush.
Jane Clayson interviews aviation school owner Rudi Dekkers on terrorists’ American flight instructions.
CBS News’ Harold Dow reports on the families of missing World Trade Center victims.
CBS News’ John Frankel reports on the perils workers face at the site of New York City destruction.
House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt tells CBS News’ Bryant Gumbel that retaliation is needed.
President George W. Bush says American disaster will bring country together.
Bush makes phone call to New York Gov. Pataki and New York City Mayor Giuliani.
Scenes from inside the Millennium Hotel after the collapse of twin towers.
CBS News Anchor Dan Rather reports on firemen rescued from rubble.
Dr. Emily Senay reports on the health dangers from the smoke originating from the World Trade ruins.
/a>Friends and families take search for possible victims, reports CBS News’ Tracy Smith.
Jim Stewart reports on incoming details about the terrorists that hijacked four passenger planes.
CBS News’ Mark Strassman reports on the closed airports throughout America.
CBS News’ Debbye Turner reports on schools helping children cope with the recent horrifying images from terrorists’ attacks.
CBS News Correspondent Wyatt Andrews reports on the hijacked flights that originated in Boston.
CBS News Correspondent Sandra Hughes reports on the resumption of flights.
CBS News National Security Correspondent David Martin reports on U.S. retaliation plans.
CBS News Business Correspondent Anthony Mason reports on the economic impact.
CBS News Correspondent Bob Orr reports on the hijacked flight that crashed in Pennsylvania.
CBS News Correspondent Scott Pelley interviews former President Clinton.
CBS News Correspondent Mark Phillips reports the U.S.' allies response.
CBS News Correspondent Byron Pitts reports on the search for survivors.
Attorney General John Ashcroft speaks with Dan Rather.
CBS News Chief White House Correspondent John Roberts reports on Bush's vow to win the war against terrorism.
CBS News Correspondent Jim Stewart reports on the criminal investigation of the hijackings.

To view video from Sept. 14, 2001, CLICK HERE.

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