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Videos: Dec. 30, 2001 - Jan. 5, 2002

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Special Forces Sgt. Chapman is remembered by friends and family, Randall Pinkston has more.
CBS NewsÂ' Cynthia Bowers reports on the missing whereabouts of Mullah Omar.
CBS NewsÂ' Bob Orr reports on the ups and downs of progress for the U.S. in Afghanistan.
Wyatt Andrews reports on the death of a U.S. soldier from enemy fire in Afghanistan.
The search for Taliban leader Mullah Omar continues, Cynthia Bowers reports.
A Secret Service agent claim racial prfiling prevented him from boarding a plane, John Roberts reports.
Cynthia Bowers reports the hunt for Omar is focused in the mountainous region north of Khandahar.
CBS News' Wyatt Andrews reports U.S officials emphasized the war against terror will be a long one.
CBS News Cynthia Bowers reports an earthquake hits Afghanistan as U.S. forces continue the fight against terrorism.
CBS News Bryant Gumbel reports senators are set to visit a long list of countries in the Mideast.
David Martin is traveling with U.S. special forces hunting bin Laden in Afghanistan.
Jim Stewart reports Moussaoui will face what appears to be a strong government case.
Jim Axelrod has the inside story of the alleged 20th hijacker.
CBS News' Jim Stewart reports on the charges brought against Moussaoui.
The U.S. continues its pursuit of Mullah Omar, CBS News Cynthia Bowers reports.
CBS News Lee Cowan reports the drumbeat for war between Pakistan and India is growing louder.
CBS News Cynthia Bowers reports a multi-national peacekeeping force patrols alongside Afghan troops.
BS News Tracy Smith reports on new rules for hiring airport screeners.

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