Video Vigilante? Women's heated exchange in So. Calif. parking lot caught on tape, probed by police

(CBS) TEMECULA, Calif. - Police are investigating a confrontation at a handicapped parking space between two women in Southern California in which a cell phone video recorded by one of the women went viral, and the other woman - a mother of two young children - was reduced to tears.

CBS Los Angeles reports the heated exchange happened in a Temecula shopping center parking lot on Wednesday, Sept. 4 - a day on which temperatures reached 100 degrees.

According to the station, the woman who was caught on tape says she left her two children alone in her Mercedes Benz with the air conditioning running for about 15 seconds while she ran an errand. When she returned to her car, the other woman confronted her, with camera rolling.

The woman who was caught on tape told CBS Los Angeles, "I obviously yelled at her. I was wrong. I shouldn't have done it. I should have apologized for being in a handicapped spot. I should have taken the kids out of the car and took them to return the video. What I did was wrong but I'm not a bad person."

The woman who recorded and then posted the video said she started recording because she was concerned for the children's well-being. She can be heard asking, "Are you handicapped? Are you handicapped?," and then can be heard saying, "Two children. Two children. Two children. 100 degree weather."

CBS Los Angeles reports the viral video was shared tens of thousands of times on Facebook before it was taken down Friday afternoon.

The woman who posted it declined to go on camera herself, saying she didn't want to ruin a young mother's life.

But one her own Facebook page, she wrote: "I'm fine with someone running into a store fast with doors locked BUT to also park in the handicapped zone and to disrespect the disabled is just rotten and spoiled."

The remorseful mother who was caught on tape says she's received death threats and just wants to put the incident behind her.

"At the end of the day, it wasn't the right thing to do. I mean, I was wrong. I should have taken [the children] out. It was hot. I was just trying to give them air conditioning and for...10 seconds... I went across the street," she said.