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Video: The DEY's "Give You The World"

"Give You The World," the most recent music video from up-and-coming trio The DEY, combines the flavor of Miami with a taste of New York all over a generous sampling of Earth, Wind & Fire's "Fantasy."

"We love how (the video) represents my street corner, to a street corner in (Yeyo's) Miami, to Elan's Central Park," Divine told The ShowBuzz.

The bilingual group's name is simply an acronym from each member's first initial. Divine is the English-language MC, Elan contributes her soaring vocals and Yeyo provides rhymes and rhythm en español.

Still not yet out with their first full album, the trio has been through the ups and downs of record label politics, but everything seems to have settled down.

"Now we see the driving force of the record label, they're behind us more than ever," Divine said.

The single has been doing well, but it hasn't been easy getting airtime for a bilingual song that doesn't fit a cookie-cutter format.

"We had a lot of issues making radio edits for the English market," said Divine. "They wanted to take Yeyo out, but (New York urban station) Hot 97 was one of the first radio stations to say that they didn't want to take him out."

The group said the album is due out in the spring or summer.

"Once we drop the second single, then we're going to be talking about release dates," said Divine. "We have a lot of material ready to go, so we're creating the proper momentum."

The group has been working with top producers like Stargate, Swizz Beatz and J.R. Rotem, among others.

"We are just honored to work with these super-big producers," said Yeyo.

To keep up momentum while waiting for the full album, the trio's four-song EP, "The DEY Has Come," is available for download at iTunes, Rhapsody and Amazon. Members of the group also have appeared on tracks on other artist's albums.

"We were on a record with Paula DeAnda called 'Walk Away,' and Elan just did a record with Sean Kingston, so we're doing a lot of features and getting ourselves out there," said Yeyo. "We support each other's efforts."

By Judy Rosen

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