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Video Shows Suicide Attack On U.S. HQ in Khost

(Manbaa al Jihad )
An Afghani jihadi media outlet called Manbaa al Jihad released a video of a suicide attack on what was described as the U.S. headquarters in Khost province in Afghanistan.

The suicide bomber was identified as "Qari Abu Omar" and was shown taking part in the preparation of the explosives. Looking nervous, he made his final goodbyes to the other militants before going on his mission.
The camera followed his explosives-laden truck driving down a main road. A red arrow indicated the location of the vehicle as it got closer to its target. A massive explosion then went off shaking the whole area surrounding the building.

According to Manbaa al Jihad, 3000 kg of explosives were used in the attack which took place on November 20th 2008.

An attack using a truck loaded with explosives in Khost had been reported on that date. The American military said at the time that only one U.S. soldier and three Afghans were killed in the attack.

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