VIDEO: Pa. student is taunted and assaulted on school bus while driver ignores incident

Dylan Fonner, was hit by another student on a bus ride home on Oct. 9
CBS Philly

(CBS/AP) CHESTER, Pa. - Police are investigating the videotaped assault of two Delaware County Alternative High School students in southeastern Pennsylvania by other students riding a school bus home on October 9.

CBS Philly has identified the 16-year-old victim as Dylan Fonner. In the video that was posted on Facebook, Fonner is seen being taunted then punched in the face by a student who approached him from the back of the bus.

Investigators are in the process of filing criminal charges against three students and the bus driver, according to the station.

Dylan reportedly suffered from a swollen nose, three chipped teeth and other facial injuries.

In the video Dylan is also seen asking the bus driver to stop the bus, but the driver ignores him. The 17-year-old boy who was sitting next to Dylan said he was also hit but it wasn't caught on camera. 

The parents say the driver should have stopped the assault, and they are now pushing for charges.

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