Video: New Orleans sheriff accused of security problems after video shows inmates doing drugs, drinking beer

Day two of a federal court hearing for the proposed consent decree over the troubled Orleans Parish Prison system began with a shocking videotape that showed various atrocities and violations inside the jail

(CBS/AP) NEW ORLEANS - A New Orleans sheriff was blamed Wednesday for security and violence problems at the local jail after a video showed inmates doing drugs, drinking beer and wielding handguns.

Deputy Mayor Andy Kopplin testified Wednesday on whether a federal judge should approve an agreement between the Justice Department and Sheriff Marlin Gusman to improve conditions at the Orleans Parish Prison.

The city, which funds the jail, objects to the potential cost of the agreement. Mayor Mitch Landrieu is urging that the federal government appoint someone other than Gusman to run the lockup.

Kopplin's testimony comes a day after the court released a video apparently showing inmates using drugs and brandishing a gun in jail. Another video reportedly showed an inmate walking through the French Quarter when he is supposed to be in jail.

The recordings, believed to be shot by inmates, were aired during the second day of hearings at federal court.

Gusman is preparing to answer reporters' questions about the grim video on Wednesday afternoon.