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Video: Man throws violent tantrum in 7-Eleven after debit card declined

7-Eleven customer throws tantrum
7-Eleven customer throws tantrum 01:12

SANTA ANA, Calif. —  Police are trying to identify the man caught on security video attacking a cashier during a violent tantrum apparently sparked when his debit card was declined while attempting to buy M&Ms, reports CBS Los Angeles.

The incident reportedly happened in February and investigators are releasing the video now because they need new leads on their suspect.

Security video shows what looks at first like a normal transaction at a 7-Eleven. Then the customer suddenly a goes berserk on the cashier when he apparently is told his debit card is declined.

The customer first belts the cashier in the head and then takes out his rage on the registers and computers on the counter. He then grabs a handful of bananas and hurls them at the other cashier.

The rampage reportedly caused $700 in damage. Investigators hope someone will recognize the suspect and turn him in as he faces a slew of charges. 

The Santa Ana Police Department is urging anyone with information to contact Investigator Laura Delisle at (714) 245-8647.

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