Video: making techno music with only a Ford Fusion

"Sounds of Fusion" video
Ford Motor Co.

(CBS News) The 2013 Ford Fusion comes with a lot of technology built under the hood. So it only makes sense for Ford to team up with Detroit-area techno producers for the auto-musical video above. Check out the three Detriot DJs put together unique tracks using only sounds from the Fusion. The video is appropriately called "Sounds of Fusion."

It's amazing how well everyday car sounds work in electronic music. Door slams are drums, dashboard chimes are melody and the hum of the engine serves as backing noise.

"This project worked so well because Techno music, by its nature, is very similar to the makeup of a car," Joshua Harrison, contributing musician, said in a press release. "In both cases, there are lots of little pieces mechanically put together. Just like a car, a Techno song has many elements that serve their own small purpose, and the masters of the craft are those who can put it all together and make everything work as one solid piece."

Hear the finished tracks from all three musicians HERE.