VIDEO: Jailer fired for leg sweep takedown of prisoner in Texas

DENTON, Texas - Police officials are admitting wrongdoing and releasing jailhouse surveillance footage after a jailer was fired for using an unauthorized leg sweep on a prisoner in Texas, reports CBS DFW.

This comes one week after the prisoner, Jason Bishop, spoke with the station, accusing the jailer of using excessive force and revealing the severe injuries to his face, allegedly as a result of the incident. The jailer has been identified as Darius Porter, a two-year veteran of the police department in Denton, Texas in the Dallas-Forth Worth Metropolitan area.

Bishop was arrested July 19 and charged with public intoxication, the station reports. He was taken to the cell and thrown onto the ground after officials said he would not cooperate during booking.

Bishop told CBS DFW that the leg sweep sent him face-first onto the concrete floor of a jail cell in Denton County, Texas. The surveillance video shows the prisoner on the floor after the takedown. A puddle of blood begins to pool around his head. Paramedics can then be seen coming into the cell to treat Bishop.

Denton Police Spokesman Ryan Grelle said the video was released because "we wanted to show the public what happened." He apologized for the incident, according to the station, saying, "We're sorry this happened to [the victim]."

Law enforcement officials said, instead of the leg sweep, Porter should have performed a controlled takedown. This involves grabbing the person by both arms and slowly lowering them to the ground.

Porter has since been fired, CBS DFW reports. Police say, as far as they're concerned, the case is closed.

Bishop can press charges on the jailer if he wishes, but he will first have to file an official complaint with the district attorney's office, according to the station.