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VIDEO: Fla. school bus beating caught on camera

(CBS) PASCO COUNTY, Fla. - A school bus beating in Florida was caught on video, posted on Facebook, and ultimately got two high school girls arrested, CBS affiliate WTSP reports.

The confrontation happened Feb. 1 as students of Mitchell High School, in Pasco County, Fla., were being dropped off at home. Video captured on a cell phone shows a teenage girl dressed in all black running to the back of the bus and repeatedly punching 16-year-old Chase Cristia, who never retaliated, WTSP reports.

The instigator of the attack, who remains unnamed, is charged with misdemeanor assault and the teen that shot the video, Sandra, is charged with a lesser offense for knowing of the fight, but not intervening, the station says. Both are reportedly suspended from school.

It is unclear why the bus driver did not make an effort to stop the attack as it was happening.

"It was pretty loud and it was noticeable, so I don't see how the bus driver wouldn't have been able to notice that," Cristia told WTSP.

Transportation officials told the station the fight lasted all of 10 seconds and there was not enough time for the driver to react.

An investigation is reportedly underway while the driver of the school bus remains on the job.

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