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Video: Door Closed on Health Care Protesters

The Tea Party protests against the health care reform efforts on Capitol Hill today were smaller than previous efforts -- a rough CBS News estimate puts the total number of protesters around 600 -- but that doesn't mean there weren't fireworks.

The video at left shows what happened when the protesters reached the office of Rep. Gerry Connolly, a Virginia Democrat. As you can see, as one protester complains of arrogance and uncomfortable-looking young staffers survey the scene, the office door is closed, prompting chants of "liar" from the group outside.

The apparent ringleader of the group is then encouraged to enter the office; he declines. Another person then seems to ask the man to keep his voice down so that the police don't remove the protesters.

"Do you think that I going to allow a Chavez take over my country? No sir, you're wrong," the man says. "You haven't seen what these people can do to our liberties."

"I don't care about the police, I'm not scared, I've been arrested in Colombia four times in my life," he adds. "...I get arrested here, no big deal."

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