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Video: Cop tells driver, "I'll put a hole right through your head"

MEDFORD, Mass. -- A Boston-area detective has been placed on administrative leave after he was recorded Sunday night apparently making threats to a driver during an off-duty traffic stop, reports CBS Boston.

The driver recorded the incident on his dashboard video camera. The recording, which was uploaded to YouTube, begins after the driver allegedly drove the wrong way on a rotary, or traffic circle.

Soon after the video begins, the detective, who has been identified as Stephen Lebert, can be seen pulling his pickup truck alongside the driver's car, and exiting, wearing a sleeveless undershirt and shorts.

As Lebert approaches the driver-side door, the driver reverses the car. Lebert can then be seen displaying what appears to be a badge.

"I'll put a hole right through your (expletive) head," Lebert can then be heard saying, two times within a a matter of seconds.

As the driver then pulls into a parking spot, Lebert can be heard saying, "I'm a (expletive) Medford detective."

He adds: "You're lucky I'm a cop, because I'd be beating the (expletive) (expletive) out of you right now."

Lebert called for an on-duty officer, who told the driver that he will be issued a citation.

The driver is heard on the video telling a witness that he was "terrified" by the incident.

Medford Police Chief Leo Saco told CBS Boston that Lebert was placed on leave when he arrived to work Monday morning. Saco said he couldn't explain the Sunday night incident, but said Lebert is a 30-year veteran of the department and a good officer.

Saco also acknowledged that the rotary can be tricky to navigate. The driver could be heard throughout the video saying that he became confused by the traffic circle.

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